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Does people considers North East a part of India?

Hi all, I was looking at the NDTV India news and was quite shocked to see the disturbing pictures being shown regarding the clash between the Tea tribes and the local people in Guwahati. As from a civilized society, we can never support such incident, but at this moment we need to pacify the situation before it spreads to other areas. Many of the information provided in the channel are not correct which may further provoke the tea tribes to create unrest in their areas. I am not sure the reporter who was gathering information how much competent he is but he needs to get a genuine report on the whole incident. The incident started with the involvement of people from the 15,000 strong crowd of the tea tribals in destroying properties of local people on the way and also manhandling people passing by. The resident of Guwahati so far bearing the series of bomb blast, bandhs etc cound’t stop themselves to see their own properties being destroyed by the tribals right in front of them and jumped into action. It also has not been mentioned that many people among the tribal crowd were carrying weapons which puts a question mark into their intention of the procession.

Lots of innocents both from the tea tribes and local areas were victimised out of which many were woman. The main blame has to go to the government for not able to mobilise enough security reinforcement and to the Leaders of the Tea tribals who has instigated the crowd to become violent.

The way NDTV is showing naked women running in streets and just one sided picture of injured tea tribes, it will provoke the illiterate tribes further to get into violence which will embroil more innocent people into trouble. We need to make sure that our fourth pillar of democracy doesn’t bring plight to people’s lives.. Moreover, when the incidence was happening channel was more busy with covering the cricket news, now after 2 days when they found a naked photo of a women running in the street, the channel trying to add fuel on the fire.

I would like to request the NDTV channel to consider the impact while displaying any such sensitive photos because we North eastern are already suffering from many burning issues.