Your most favourite blog?

Just try this.!
it’s really different…

This Maths Test can Predict Your favorite BLOG..
Try it without looking at the Answer.!

Pick 1 Favorite Number from 1-9
Then Use that Number
Multiply by 3.
Then Add 3, then
Multiply by 3 Again..
You’ll get a 2 digit no.
or a Three digit Number.
Add the digits.
Now with that Number
See which is your favorite blog from the List below :..

2. 15 Minute Lunch
3. boeingboeing
4. Bridget Jones Has Nothing On Me
5. The Other Side of Normal
6. Bee’s Musings
7. Predator Press
8. Mattress Police – Antisocial Commentary
10. The Dilbert Blog

Though I Knew it already,
Thank You.!
The truth finally comes out..

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