Situation Question: What would you do?

You are driving in a car at a constant speed.

On your right side is a valley and on your left side is a fire engine traveling at the same speed as you. In front of you is a galloping horse which is the same size as your car and you cannot overtake it. Behind you is a helicopter flying at ground level. Both the horse and the helicopter are also traveling at the same speed as you. What must you do to safely get out of this highly dangerous situation?

Post your answers in the comments section. Be Creative!!

7 thoughts on “Situation Question: What would you do?

  1. Cuteys

    Go slow, then the helicopter and everything will go faster than you. Since the helicopter is in air, you can go behind it. So the fire engine, horse and helicopter are all going at the same speed while you are going slow.

  2. David

    Braking suddenly might not give the helicopter enough chance to react, so employ a trick I use to get rid of tailgaters… switch on my lights. The rear of my car will then shine two bright red lights which the unsuspecting car behind will hopefully (and usually) mistake for brake lights. The helicopter in this case will probably move upwards, allowing me to safely then brake and move out of the situation.

    Or, if this is meant to be more of a “where are you” riddle, then as many people have already suggested, get off the merry go round.

  3. me

    There is no danger in the situation because everyone is moving at a constant and consistent speed. However, if I had robbed a bank and these folks were trying to capture me I’d grab the money, launch my ejector seat, and have my car explode to prevent my captures from giving me any more trouble. Although I might not be safe forever…. I have averted that dangerous situation.

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