Can you count?

Count the number of people in the pic & wait for it to shift and then count it again.

12 becomes 13, Where does the extra person come from?

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10 thoughts on “Can you count?

  1. ellie

    that took two minutes the second row on the top has the bottom of his feet cut off. that’s the 13th person!

  2. jordan

    the boy on the bottom right corner loses his hair and it doesnt get replaced. But on the other side it covers the head of another person. So, by the hair not being replaced and extra person is created because a head from the other side isnt taking up his body. And the lady in the back right with the black top and the white shorts, when she moves to the other side she doesnt fill the shoes of another person on that side…she moves over to an empty space. So by the kids hair not being replaced and the lady not filling a set of shoes, there is an extra person created on that side (6 heads over bodies). Whereas on the other side 5 heads cover 5 bodies.

  3. CM Gith


    for 12, column 2 has TWO figures; for 13, column 2 has THREE figures. etc.

  4. CM Gith

    for 12, column 2 has 3 figures. for 13, column 2 has 3 figures. that’s not the solution, just an observation. have more watching to do. i think the comment above is correct in that as the section moves across the top it takes and gives back pieces of several figures to make and take away a whole figure.

  5. blair

    the guy in the bottom right corner… when it’s 13, his “face” is just half the head of the guy on the bottom of the second row from the right. so it looks like both of them have full faces, when really they just each have a half.

  6. Rhyno

    At first I laughed and thought, “this wont take long to figure out” and now its been about 30 minutes. I’ve been staring at this thing and even rearranging the pieces in Paint. I know it has to be a head that overlaps, (what looks like one face on one setup, can be separated into two on the other) But Holy Crap! I can not find exactly where it is for the life of me! Please, someone check this out and pinpoint where the flaw is!

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