Where is that $1

Three friends went to a restaurant.

The bill was $75

Each one contributed $25

The waiter took the bill to the cashier. The cashier was happy & decided to give them a discount of $5 and asked the waiter to return them.

Now the waiter was confused. How to distribute $5 among 3 persons?

He kept $2 in his pocket and gave one dollar to each one of the 3 persons.

So initially each one had contributed $25. Now they have been given $1 back, their contribution reduces to $24.

They all contributed $24.

That is $24×3= $72 and the $2 is in the waiters pocket.

The total becomes $74. But they had paid $75.

Where did the $1 go??

Tricky!! 😉

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10 thoughts on “Where is that $1

  1. Brianna

    All I know is that the cashier has one dollar And the waitress has has two dollars and the three people have one dollar each that equals two $75

  2. Tempest

    screw it.
    a five dollar discount…seriously?
    I can’t even buy pop with a dollar
    I’d give it back to the waiter.
    Therefore he has 3 dollars in his pocket.
    also…the waiter just stole from me…he pocketed my money…fgt

  3. Jamayra

    First think of this, $75-5= 70 w/ the $5 discount, then each paid $23.33, add a dollar to what the waiter gave them, they should then get $24.33. If you multiply that by 3 you’ll get $72.99 plus the $2 that the waiter kept which is $74.99 which of course rounds to pretty much $75.00….TADAAAA!!! [:-P

  4. scott

    The question as stated is intentionally misleading:

    That is $24×3= $72 and the $2 is in the waiters pocket.
    The total becomes $74. But they had paid $75.

    Had this been stated honestly it would have said:

    That is $24×3=$72. Subtract the $2 in the waiters pocket,
    and total becomes $70, which was the bill after the $5 discount.


  5. Alok

    This got me for a while, and I wasn’t satisfied with what the other people explained.

    This is the way it works. Each paid 25 and got 1 back, so they each paid 24, but this is total for the bill and tip. The problem portrays it in a way where you’re adding the tip on top of what they paid so it tricks you into thinking a dollar paid is missing when it’s really counting the tip money twice and the total really is supposed to 72.

    The house got 70 plus 2 tip, that’s 72. The 3 people each paid 24, that’s 72. The equation is balanced.

  6. Jim

    Interesting question…Initially they were to pay $75, but then the bill was reduced to $70. $70 divided by three is $23.33 paid by each. The waiter give each of the three back $1, so 23.33 plus 1.00 = $24.33. $24.33 x 3 = $73 (72.99 rounded up). $73.00 plus the $2.00 in the waiters pocket gets you back to the original $75.00

  7. Golb

    The dinner costed only $70, but they paid $72. Those $2 are in the pockets of the waiter.

    To explain in another way: the three man have $1, the cashier $70 and the waiter $2. = $75

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