Find Your Blind Spot!

WARNING: Headache Inducing

Close your left eye and just focus your right eye on the tiny cross. At some point the big circle will disappear as it crosses your ‘blind spot’.

If you can’t see this effect, then try sitting closer/further from the screen.

30 thoughts on “Find Your Blind Spot!

  1. Rae

    Haha I’ve seen this before in a magic school bus book. Obviously it wasn’t animated, since it was a book, you just had to move you’re head forwards and backwards until it worked. I’m still amazed every time I see it. Or don’t see it, I guess.

  2. Alissa-kun

    … When I cover my left eye with my glasses on, it disappears somewhere right of the middle, but when I take off my glasses and cover my left eye it doesn’t disappear xD

  3. me!

    dude… at first it didn’t work ’cause like i read the instruction thing wrong, so i reread it and did as it said. WOW!!! that’s amazingg! i was like are you serious? this is soooooo weird!!?! i wanna try again!! ahha! it was so fun, but messed my eye up. just WOW!!!! xD

  4. Geardo

    i tried at multiple angles, right and left, i tried really close, no lights in the room, really far, and a mix of between far and close and still the dam dot doesn’t disappear o.0

  5. momo

    I thought I had no blind spot until I went about two inshes away from the screen…. I am depressed now, lol

  6. Troylynn

    Hi I’m Troylynn and I thought this trick was really cool. I did it for more than one times and it’s the coolest thing I’ve ever done. Thanks for putting this up because now I know how it feels like to be blind. At first I thought see you see was blackness but it’s really whiteness.

  7. Sarah

    What is actually interesting to know, is that by finding your blind spot, you are actually finding your optic nerve!

  8. ryan

    Ok, so if you’ve been through basic college psychology you’ll know that at a certain angle light entering you pupil does not hit any of the light receptive cells of you retina. Everyone has this blind spot. the dot is fuckin huge here and therefore if you are too close or far, the dot will bridge that blind spot on both sides and it won’t “disappear”. it works better with a candle in a dark room.

  9. ALE

    in the middle but only the bottom corner left corner … but only without glasses so as long as i wear my glasses im safe to drive around i guess

  10. Max

    wow that actualy messed my eyes up for a few seconds everything went blurry and i couldnt focus not sure if this is safe.

  11. Joe

    That is very cool. We were just discussing the blind spot in my psychology class. The moving spot disappears because you do not have any rods or cones in the back of your eye where a neural band attaches. The neural cord is the part that transmits the signals to your brain.

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