ah yes, the Genesis!

YES, its more spacious then a 7 series.
YES, its priced like a 3 series.
BUT, its not even fun like a 1 series.

Who cares, its meant for the comfort seeking crowd not the fun-lovers, and its more of a the Lexus/Mercedes then a Beemer.

Couple of weird stuff though:

  • Only driver seat has the seat cooler, and when its ON the passenger’s seat heater turns ON as well.
  • Many owners are also complaining about HOT air being blown from the rear seat vent when the A/C is on in cold.

But Hey, those are just minor stuff, Hyundai already seem to take care of it.

When you de-badge the H from the rear and add those chrome exhaust tip.

And get this Bentley Genesis badge for the front & the clear corners

You got yourself a decent looking luxury car that’s worth more for the money you pay. And you get to be standing out of the crowd by not driving a regular BMW/Lexus/Mercedes/Audi.

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4 thoughts on “ah yes, the Genesis!

  1. 1040Austin

    Its not by hyundai lmbo it’s by Bentley… Yes Hyundai does have one a like but that ain’t it. I preffer the original

  2. EverybodyGeek

    Now that’s one nice looking car! I had no clue that Hyundai was capable of building such a nice car :-)
    One thing however, when looking at pictures from the side, it still looks a bit ordinary.

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