Identify the person in the pic!

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43 thoughts on “Identify the person in the pic!

  1. jessandtim

    if you cant make it out. stand far away from the screen. it works!! it looks like a person with long hair and glasses

  2. Michael Daly

    wait i tilted the screen and i is john lennon but to be different im going to say it looks like an even gayer harry potter lol

  3. branden mcgehee

    omg this was so much fun i never dided any thing like this b4 lol i love it and i thought it was ghandi at first but then i seen john lennon and omg he is so hot and so is ghandi if he was a little younger lol :) no u guys got me thinking dirty things so im gonnna go love ya bye

  4. Derek

    “John Lennon Layouts
    Free Layouts and Backgrounds. Download Them All. 100% Free”

    I wonder who it is…….

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