New Way To Quit Smoking…

Filtrim is a patented, breakthrough metal instrument that puts virtually invisible micro-perforations in the filter or end of a cigarette. It can help immediately reduce the most dangerous poisons of your favorite brand of cigarettes – without abruptly changing its taste or satisfaction – and gradually reduces the nicotine in your cigarette through a four stage withdrawal process that can help you prepare to quit and stay smoke-free.



While the Filtrim stop smoking solution minimizes the amount of nicotine and cancer-causing poisons you breathe, there is no change to your cigarette’s taste or satisfaction. Quitting smoking with Filtrim is safe because Filtrim simply reduces the amount of dangerous toxins you breathe, rather than adding or replacing chemicals. There are absolutely no side effects.

You can use Filtrim safely for as long as you need. Filtrim carries you through a gradual, four-step withdrawal process. By Stage Four, you will be virtually free of your nicotine addiction. You will then be able to give up cigarettes completely, for good!

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