Cool Inventions


Smart cup in which you can put 2-3 of your favourite cookies. You don’t need extra plates. It’s made for right handed and left handed.
But I wonder how one can prevent biscuits from falling down when sipping the tea. lol

BANANA GUARD – Protect Your Banana!
Are you fed up with bringing bananas to work or school only to find them bruised and squashed? Banana Guard allows you to safely transport and storage individual bananas letting you enjoy perfect bananas anytime, anywhere.

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Lock Cup – Anti-Theft Coffee Cup. Are you tired of others stealing your coffee cup? Well now there’s a solution. The Lock – Cup has a hole which prevents most people from using it. Only the owner of the cup can use his/hers shaped key to close the hole.

Making tea, though easy to do, is also time consuming. Once you pour the hot water into the cup, you must patiently hover over it, waiting for the tea to steep. Well, the Penguin Tea Timer happily does the waiting for you.
Place your tea cup under the beak and set it to the desired time. As you turn the timer dial, the beak lowers the tea into the hot water. When time is up, a bell sounds and the penguin automatically lifts his beak, removing the tea bag from the water.

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You love toast, but you always burn it? Than, this invention us for you.
This transparent toaster allows you to see the bread while it is toasting so you just have to take it out when the colour is right. This idea is based on a transparent heating glass technology.

One Click Butter Cutter controls your portion as an important part of staying healthy. This ingenious butter cutter delivers one standard pat with each click of the handle.

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Never lose your remote again!
With giant buttons, this extra-large remote is easy to use and impossible to lose. It’s a 6-in-1 remote so you can use it to control your TV, VCR, DVD player, satellite, cable and auxiliary A/V device. It even features glow-in-the-dark buttons, so you can easily find the remote in the dark.

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What day is today? You don’t know? Then you need a DayClock. It’s uniquely designed to keep track of weekly events like your golf day, card night, movie night, and so much more. It’s ideal for vacations and cruises when it’s easy to lose track of the day.

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Chalk outline crime scene beach towel – be the coolest person on the beach!

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Laser ScissorsCutting a straight line has never been easier. Just aim the pin-point laser and follow the line. The scissor blades are stainless steel and cut very clean with a micro serrated edge.

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‘Who left the Toilet Seat up?’ The PeaceMaker will end the battle of the toilet seat. Merely step on the pedal to activate the lifting mechanism. When finished, remove your foot from the pedal and the seat gently comes to a rest where it started.

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Do you get up at night to drink water, go to the toilet…Do you wish you could see in the dark? Remarkably bright LED lights are triggered by your footsteps and light up the floor 30 feet in front of you; ultra-soft plush style are extra comfortable and cozy warm.

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The Zaky is an ergonomic infant pillow designed by a mom to mimic the size, weight, touch, and feel of her hand and forearm to help her baby with comfort, support, protection, and development. The Zaky can help calm your baby and help your baby sleep better through the night.

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If you are traveling a lot and don’t always know the language of the country you are visiting, then this T-shirt is for you. It has a phrase book printed on it so just point a finger at the pictogram you need and then point it twice at the question mark, which means, “Where is it?” and in no time you have found what you were looking for… or not.

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Realy cool modern ladder.

Anatomic tray, for waiters. No more dropping trays. We just don’t know is it comfortable.

Whether you want to sit on the sun or in the shade, near the river or under the tree… now you have your movable bench, to sit wherever you like.

125 thoughts on “Cool Inventions

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  2. Wanda Smith

    Interested in purchasing several of the cups with cookie holder. How do I go about that?

  3. william ps who invented the game of pool

    the moveing bench is retarded and why the hell woud somone put the toster on this page. it is rilly neet but it is just torcher to look at and not have and the coffe cup with the removabel hole thing what hapens when you lose the blocker for the coffe and you are just lazy if you get the toulet lifter just lift it your sellf. the big remote thing does not work i still manage to lose it in my house + my brother takes it to bed with him he is cinda fat. the sisers do not work becas tilt you hand and it moves off an if you try to put two ponts at diffonret ends of the papet good luck geting that level to each other. and to butter cuter looks like it will rilly work

  4. MMA

    Your blog makes very interesting reading. I’m sure others will think so too I look forward to reading their comments.

  5. Prosolution

    I am Very thank full the owner of this blog. Becouse of this blog is very imformative for me.. And I ask u some thiing You make more this type blog where we can get more knowledge.

  6. Eleanor

    For the people with the cookie cup. You’re supposed to remove the cookies and eat them when you fill the cup with whatever! What’s this falling out business. lol

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  10. Me

    Everything is cool except for the sciccors. No matter where you cut you will always be on the laser, so if you tilt the sciccors to the left or right, it will still look like youre on a straight line.

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  15. LBL laceosse

    i probable sound like a weird kid but i am also a grown man inventer i’m 23!!!!!!!!! so i was just giving u my point of veiw.

  16. LBL laceosse

    u guys r makeing people more lazy by makeing a thing that lifts a tolit seat u guy don’t need 2 go that far!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. LBL laceosse

    u guys should not show a pic of some thing that u don’t know what it feels like!!!!!!!!

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  19. pinkdino

    hmmmm……toilet seat thingy…… looks like it only goes up to a certain height. so what about the taller people with longer legs? wouldnt they like hit the seat?
    and the laser scissors. first of all, you wouldnt be able to see the beam. and second, it would just move w/ your hand. and even if you try really hard to not move your hand, it would still wobble. try holding a laser in the exact same spot. doesnt work does it?

  20. Ken

    The laser scissors work if you have to follow a line drawn on a piece of paper. The beam is far enough ahead of the cutters that it keeps you on track. Perfectly worthless for anything but a straight line, however. I have the same thing on my circular saw.

  21. CitizenFly

    Great list. Have seen a fair few lists like this, first time I’ve seen one where I own something on it though, well owned one. The Big remote, don’t know where it is though, think my brother has it, they are ok, more novelty value really.

    The two cups are good, might get those. That T-Shirt is great too.

    Really like the clock, don’t know why, just really like it, anyone know where I can get it.

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  23. Dan

    My favorite is the banana protector. So many times have I looked forward to lunch only to find my banana bruised and damaged. NO MORE.

  24. Jack St O

    Everyone of these inventions is rediculous except the waiter/waitress trays upon the approval of waiters and waitress’. The baby hands is not proven.

  25. Mike

    I did a little research on the transparent toaster. It’s just an artists concept……sorry to disappoint everyone. I wanted one too!!!

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