Need to improve your General Knowledge Misbah !!!

That fateful scoop Misbah-ul-Haq scooped Joginder Sharma thinking there was nobody. Hearts skipped a beat as the ball was airborne and seemed to be headed to the boundary. But little did he know that there is a Malayali in every corner of the world!!


Another Misbah Joke

Knock Knock.

Who’s there?


Misbah who?

Mis bah 5 runs 😉

4 thoughts on “Need to improve your General Knowledge Misbah !!!

  1. syed

    there is no corners in the world. fix your information first. world has parts and is round kind of oval.

  2. Sanjay ramasamy


    I really appreciate the initiative taken by you people. Many may think this is absolute nonsense, I pitty for those ignorant buggers. Do not care such comments, continue to be innovative.


    Sanjay ramasamy

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