No Rumors…No Doubts…1 Lakh TATA Car Unveiled

As of today 1Lakh indian ruppees = 2,500 US Dollars, Click on the image for the complete news.

1 Lakh Tata car


4 thoughts on “No Rumors…No Doubts…1 Lakh TATA Car Unveiled

  1. athresh

    i admiring your products as much the confinied matter is that a car of 1 lakh constructing by india i feel so proud

  2. TaTa

    Welcome to

    Some call it

    Some call it

    Whatever you want to call it is the official TaTa site for the U.S. Market. At $2500.00 plustax and licese. TaTa will be the fastest most saught after car in the United States. The vast majority of Americans who drive, only drive short distances, those who drive long distances spend thousands annually on fuel. TaTa is the perfect combination of Affordability, Reliability, and Fuel Economy.

    At you now can get that new car feel and smell for less than the price of rebuilding your transmission in your old car. Less than any decent paint auto paint job, less than any new vehicle on the street. A TaTa will get you on the freeway going up to 65 mph and into the best tightest parking spots. You will have a ton of fun in your TaTa Nano. With new TaTa models coming on board, the options will amaze any car enthusiast.

    How about insurance, piece of cake. Why? The TaTa at is the most affordable auto on the road and it’s replacement cost is low. A perfect first car for that kid who’s now driving. To school and back and no fancy stuff, just a reliable affordable piece of transportation. What about maintaince? simple the TaTa Nano is a 650cc motor and one can simply maintain it alone. Parts? even easier.

    At we will show you how to get replacement parts at a very affordable price, and simple to install. Smog?, yes they will be CARB approved for California and pass all smog certifications for DMV Registration. For the cost of a down payment you now can own a TaTa Nano new car. At we will show you how. Please Contactus for more information on your next new car the TaTa Nano, isn’t it time you

    For More Info on TaTa of North America

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