CNN IBN India – Live

CNN IBN India – Live

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5 thoughts on “CNN IBN India – Live

  1. Kapukotuwa

    look brothers you are talking about mumbai attack but in this web page u can see the terrorist Tv Chanel too ( NTT TV – Tamil EELAM News ). stop giving support to any terrorist. LTTE also ban terrorist group in India too

  2. kumara

    Hi Indians. all sri lanken people was in front of the Tv and be sad with you all the time when that tragedy is going on . terror is terror. leave the political agenda and join together as a south Asia and stand up to end up this terrorism. every people love to live in terror free country.

  3. Indian

    Indian govrnment should now bring their army in action to make sure none of thses incedents happen again! two thumbs up for indian commandos and fire fighters good job. Please encourge our men they’ve worked very hard for our country!

  4. SCS

    Yes, where is Raj Thakrey and his MN Sena people? Army personnel unnikrishnan died in the anti-terroist operation yday. Did unnikrishnan think, Mumbai is not mine, why should I lay my life for rescueing Mumbai? Its high time we should look at the issue from a broader perspective. I am a Marathi speaking proud Maharashtrian. But I am still am more a PROUD INDIAN first. Terrorism is anti-human and religionless. Its high time that as Indians we should first be secure with our external fortification. The situation in Mumbai for the past two days, is like the situation in Kashmir everyday. Lets be sensitive to our Kashmiri brothers and sister. Its time to become united and not forget the terrorism related issue in India after a week. People are watching the rescue coverage over the television as if a reality show is going on. They have to go beyond and comit their time to tackle with this issue even after the crisis is solved soon. JAI HIND!


  5. Simranjit Singh

    Raj Thackeray says….he owns mumbai….now where is his power, and MNS…..
    Also these terrorists have indicated its time for us (India) to take some strict action against such terrorist activities also we need to strengthen terrorist laws……..enough friendship with Pakistan…..
    if they lend a first hand…its ok…..but still dont trust them…..
    PM has to take some crucial and hard steps……against such inhumane people and the hypocrites(i.e. Pakistan)

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